Enter into my realm of the erotic and forbidden... I am a lover of life, sensuality and connection. Our bodies and minds blend.  Together we melt away every aspect of the mundane and transform the moment into a deeply blissful and passionate experience.


My gorgeous smile and tall, sexy ways will captivate you and then unleash your desires. My focus is about creating our positive interlude as an oasis. I blend my talents and expertise into a mix that is specifically and extra-ordinarily designed to unleash your true desires and to fulfill them. Please join me in exploring my continual quest and desire to mindfully deepen the erotic and sensual connection

Come and experience the art of pleasure with a warm, inviting and accepting woman. One with whom you can spend your time and be met by a willing and able confidante.


You are the type of person who craves heart-centered, authentic, deep connection and has grown weary of superficial inauthentic encounters with escorts. You are also the type of person that desires to expand your awareness and refine your skills in the realm of the sensual and erotic arts. You appreciate the experience, wisdom and skill of a talented companion.


You can join me to release the tensions of the day and move into a place of contentment and pleasure. Come be the recipient of my undivided attention each week, each month or every once in awhile. Much like you, I am interested in the uncomplicated adventure that only a professionally realized relationship can offer.


I think of myself as refined, authentic, good-natured, and approachable. I love to be made love to and be as intimately connected as one can be - completely encompassing my body, mind and spirit. Those who know me say I am elegant and intelligent with just the right amount of flirtatiousness and a wicked sense of humor.


I spend my time with generous individuals who are practiced, intelligent and knowledgeable. I look to engage with those who have a great sense of humor as well as humility – among their other appealing attributes.


  • Contact Me

    When you chose to spend time with me I create an environment in which you are my sole focus. I invite you to allow yourself the opportunity to experience what I have to offer. Together, we will embark on an unparalleled journey of discovery and eroticism and playfulness.  In my world, it is essential that we develop a strong rapport as well as trust.  I encourage you to approach me in a thoughtful manner. Please be as concise and clear as you can so that I can get an idea of your   desires. I will not respond to vulgar or inappropriate requests nor will I respond to just a name and an email address. I will contact you within 12 to 24 hours of having received your email. You can be assured that when I respond to you it's because I am drawn to you.  If you believe we are a match, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you.  When you'd like to get in touch send an email to Parker@yourpleasureartist.com

  • Discretion
    I do not kiss and tell and I expect the same kind of discretion from you; however, I do not confuse anonymity with discretion. I choose to stay physically safe and getting to know the person or persons with whom I'm engaging is a way of doing that. My guess is that you're the type of person that is not only comfortable with that concept but also expects it.
  • My Style
    My past and present are filled with fulfilling life choices and this is one of them. I want what you want - a delightful time without further obligation. The symmetry and beauty of this concept appeals to me because it is intimacy at its most natural and honest. My style is simple and flows easily with a natural yet practical unfolding. My approach is flexible and leaves ample room for our intentions to be realized. Be it soft, sensual, naughty, humorous, reverent, encouraging, firm or playful every expression is welcome and embraced by me.
  • Reviews
    I have reviews that are listed on a professional review site under my previous name. They show credibility but are not totally relevant to the evolution of my professional offering as it is now. If you would like to read my reviews, I will send you the information upon request. I do ask that if you are moved to record and submit your experience with me that you forward it to me directly and nowhere else. Every so often, an individual will request them and it is those reviews that I receive that will be forwarded - privately.
  • Location
    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am available for incall for local appointments and outcall for all else. I travel throughout the country and abroad. I consider myself an excellent travel companion as I have a passion for understanding the world at large and I feel that the way to do that is to explore other cultures. If you would like to meet me at a public location after we've completed the screening process and prior to our appointment I'm happy to do that. My normal rates would apply. Remember that you are paying for my time and companionship.
  • About Me
    I work independently and lead a quiet, judicious life. I do not maintain membership lists. I choose lasting friendships and joyful interactions over drama or animosity. I realized my bi-sexuality as well as my penchant for all the facets of eros years ago and I am comfortable engaging with men, women and couples. I am very comfortable exploring any expression you desire. I enhance my natural beauty with makeup and I wear appropriate attire for any occasion. If you have a preference I will endeavor to match your request. I can supply you with my sizes and preferences should you choose to purchase for me what it is you would like for me to wear. I enjoy being outside and I spend a lot of time hiking, biking and kayaking. I also enjoy all kinds of music - listening to it and making it. I'm a singer and a flautist and I dabble in keyboards and guitar. I am also an artist. I am currently creating an exclusive bespoke online boutique. I enjoy food! I love going out and finding the latest and greatest food that is offered wherever I find myself. I'm an explorer and I embrace variety and love and connection - all of the wonderful things that I can find to experience. Shall we head out to dinner and a movie? Perhaps we can enjoy a quiet walk on the beach in the evening and find ourselves in a cozy little place sampling a cognac flight. Maybe it's about being together on the back porch with a craft beer and a good cigar - relaxing after a long day of hiking and skinny-dipping. Whatever it is, let's explore it together.
  • Rate

    If you are a new friend you can expect to offer 1200 USD for two hours, and 500. for each additional hour.

    If we are well acquainted I request an offering of 1000 for 2 hours and 350 for each additional hour during the day.

    Overnight up to 16 hours ~ 5,500

    Up to 24 hours  ~ 8,400

    Each additional or partial day  ~ 2,900

    On our local (San Francisco, CA) dates your offering includes time in my studio.  I have an elegantly appointed space for us to use and I prefer our intimate time be spent there.  My expectation is that we enjoy time together in other locales and find ourselves in my studio when the time is right.

    I accept cash offerings on our first date.  Thereafter, I may be obliged to receive other forms of payment such as money orders, checks, wire transfers and similar.

    If you are interested in a long-term arrangement, please enquire. A reasonable financial offering can be tailored to your desires.

    You are paying for my time and companionship.

  • Travel

    Airfare, appropriate accommodations and travel expenses are obligations that are to be met by you in addition to your offering.  With your deposit I prefer to make my own travel arrangements in either First or Business Class.

  • Deposit

    If our rendezvous is scheduled for one evening or longer a 50% deposit is needed.

  • Cancellations

    If you plan to see me locally and must cancel with less than a days notice, it would be appreciated if one-half of your total offering is sent to me before planning our next date together.  When necessary, I will forward you the preferred payment method in that case.

    Should you have to cancel an out of town date with me please do so with 7 days notice.  Your deposit less airfare will be kept on reserve for you and applied to our next rendezvous.  If you must cancel with less than 7 days notice and we are unable to reschedule your deposit in total shall be forfeited by you.

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